Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Exploring Vung Tau province in Vietnam for Indians

Take the 130km excursion to the popular beachside gateway of Vung Tau during the week if possible, when it’s a whole lot quieter. The two beaches, Bai Truoc and Bai Sau, offer an array of hotels, bars and restaurants and unforgettable views can be found at the Big Mountain (Nui Lon), and the Vung Tau Lighthouse.

As expected, seafood here is top class and centered on fish, crab and lobster. Enjoy it with jazz music at the open air Binh An Village Restaurant (1 Tran Phu) or amid fruit trees and orchids in the Lan Rung resort (2 Tran Hung Dao). Fancy a round golf? Play 27 holes on the challenging ocean view Paradise Golf course. It is luxuriously quiet so even if your swing is wayward you probably won’t need to shout “Fore”.

Vung Tau has long been a popular tourist destination. With cool climate, long beach and harmonious temperatures, Vung Tau is an ideal holiday resort. Annually, the Vung Tau city has average of three million visitors for both local and international travelers alike.

Along with being one of the Vietnam popular beach vocations, Vung Tau is also a centre of services for the exploitation of gas and oil with oil rigs just 70 kilometers off shore.

During the American war, the peninsula at Vung Tau was populated by American soldiers on leave on duty. After, it was the prime spot for ‘boat people’ to flee Viet Nam and set sail in search of a new life oversea.

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